Laura Di Girolami’s activity focalizes on artistic and handcrafted bookbinding and on restoration of old books. Features of her work are accurate choice of materials and handmade production.
She expresses her creativity, applied to the world of paper, in different lines of products: photo-albums, books, agendas and notes. Each of them represents the combination  between old and new techniques, between traditional taste and design.
The detail is what characterizes Laura Di Girolami’s productions, making them personalized handcrafted creations, and testifying a great attention in the preservation of bookbinding art.


  For more Information: +39 0735.657562 Fax +39 0735.651049 :: Via dell'Airone, 21 63039 S. Benedetto del Tronto (AP) ITALIA :: E-mail: Contatct Italiano

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